Monday, 17 August 2009

Our House is starting to look like a Home

After six months of weaselling, Chris finally succumbed and agreed to do the dreaded trip to IKEA!! We were planning to go on Sunday but I had a brain wave (Doesn't happen often so it's worth taking note!!) and suggested that we go on Friday night as it would be less busy. A couple of hours later (After much muttering about hell being IKEA) we emerged triumphant!!

We now have a bed....look....a more sleeping on a mattress on the floor!!

We have a coffee table (Built by my fair hand....we'll see how long it lasts!!)

We have a bookcase

AND we have been able to unpack a whole load of boxes (There were many trips to the re-cycling area yesterday) so our house is now looking like a home!!

We also went to Rachel's studio to get my extreme knitting stuff.....I'm going to make a throw for the chair in our living room. I'll be knitting with 10 strands of wool at the same time and below are a selection of the wools I will be using!! Ooohhh, I can't wait to make a start on it (If it all goes horribly wrong I can always use the knitting needles to poke Chris with when he's cheeky!!)


Debs said...

It looks lovely and welcoming. I love it when a home really comes together and I start to feel part of it.

ladyfi said...

I hate shopping at IKEA too as it's always busy! Love all your new stuff. You have so much lovely art on the walls. In the middle photo, you have some coloured boxes with holes in in the corner... what are they? Cat toys? Art? Ball collecting boxes?

claire p said...

You have a beautiful home!!! And I love the painting, thank you xx And I love the wool, might get my needles out again.

We don't have an Ikea near us. Probably just as well.

Janice said...

Hey if the knitting doesn't work out - you could try some extreme chinese cooking and use the knitting needles as extreme chopsticks...

Carol said...

Debs - We looked round the house last night and grinned at one another. It feels like a proper home now which is just lovely :-)

Ladyfi - I don't mind the beginning bit when your just meandering around looking at's when you have to go and collect the boxes and then queue to pay that it becomes hell on earth!! (Chris hates the first bit is not his favourite thing to do!!)

That's a lovely thing to say, thank you :-)

Hehehe, it's a cat climbing frame!! They play chases through it, sleep on it and hang upside down off it trying to catch moths!!

Claire - Thank you so's now feeling like home!! We actually had fun unpacking things yesterday...there was much 'Oh, I'd forgotten we had that' felt a bit like Christmas :-)

I am thrilled that you like the painting *grins* and that it arrived with you in one piece!!

I had a few false starts (not helped by the fact I read about other things you could make and then promptly forgot how many stitches I was supposed to be using!!) but it's starting to take shape now. If you do get the needles out again I would love to see what you make :-)

Janice - Hahahaha, I could make extreme noodles to go with them (I think extreme rice might be a bit too difficult to find!!) but then I'd need an extreme mouth to fit in all into.

What do you mean I already have that??

C x

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Your new home looks lovely - good luck with knitting the 'extreme throw', sounds interesting. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Bye for now. Lesley

Queenie said...

It does look gorgeous, worth braving the IKEA hell for. Extreme knitting, hmmm, does that mean you have to go up a mountain to do it like those extreme ironing people? I have to say, I think ordinary ironing is bad enough!

Mark said...

Ah, the hell that is Ikea.

Read this - one of the funniest bloggers going. It made laugh for days. I promise you that you will like it.

A.Lecroix said...

It looks fantastic. It's all cosy and looks like from a catalog. IKEA rocks! (:

I recently moved to Sri Lanka... and I understand the need to make home feel like home. Snuggly, comforting furniture always helps.

Unfortunately there isn't an IKEA in Sri Lanka to save anyone's life.

Amy P. said...

You've made such a beautiful home! You have quite a knack for decorating, Carol. The plants and your green curtains really give the room a punch of color.

When Golf and I moved home from Thailand, we had a TON of stuff we needed to buy. Not only furniture, but stuff like towels and kitchen utensils.

We bought some IKEA furniture and some of it is falling apart, like our dresser. Sometimes Ikea stuff can be cheapie and I'd rather spend more but have the piece last.

JJ Beattie said...

Oooh, it's looking lovely in your pics. IKEA is horrible but I sort of love it too.

Amanda said...

Looking FAB, Carol x

DJ Kirkby said...

OMG! Your house is so scrummy! So so so scrummy! You got a lot in one go from Ikea, how big is your car? I used to love IKEA when I lived in Canada but haven't been since I moved here.

Carol said...

Sea Blue Sky - Thank you :-). I'm having fun with the knitting (once I finally worked out what I'm doing and how to do it!!) and it feels lovely!! I'll post a picture of it once it's grown a bit :-)

Queenie - LOL!! I don't think I could climb a mountain if my life depended on it never mind knit once I reached the top!!

I couldn't agree with you more on the ordinary ironing!! *whispers* 'I don't do any ironing...Chris does it!!'

Mark - That was very funny indeed!! You could just feel his frustration levels rising....and then managing to glue the bed to the floor...hehehehe!! Our trip, I am happy to say, was nowhere near as stressful!!

A.Lecroix - Welcome and thank you for leaving such a lovely comment!! Although I'm not sure that Chris would agree that IKEA ever saved anyone's life :-)

Amy - I would love to be able to take credit for the decorating but the curtains were already here when we moved in!!

We gave away all our furniture before we left so we didn't have to pay for it to be shipped over!! Our house was completely unfurnished when we moved in so we've had to buy quite a lot. Most of the stuff we got from a local Charity shop so it's only the bed and the coffee table that's from IKEA :-)

JJ - I know exactly what you mean about IKEA...bit of a necessary evil!! Still, we now have a bed which is very comfy (and which I don't have to roll out of in the morning!!)

Amanda - Awww, thanks hon :-).

DJ - That is a lovely thing to say!! Thank you very much honey :-). (You do know that you're welcome to visit any time don't you!!)

LOL, we only bought the bed and the coffee table at IKEA. We got the bookcase from a shop in Cirencester on Saturday because, for some reason unknown to man, the people at IKEA think everyone needs shelves that are over 6ft tall!!!

C x

Ann said...

Oh this is quite beautiful Carol, so clean, so tidy, so jealous, really is lovely, so homely, so clean.

Love the dining room, oh I do indeed, I can just see me sitting there, with my bib wrapped round my neck, dribbling, telling you the Thai curry was far too hot for me, and you telling me not to worry, my face will go down, and the red colour is not permanent, and that perhaps putting 20 chili peppers might have been a little much.

10 strands of wool, 10, I would find it difficult with one, cannot wait to see what the throw looks like.

Bookcase is beautiful, the house is really lovely Carol.

Carol said...

Ann - Awwww, thank you sweetie :-). I do love the house (apart from the incredibly steep stairs up to the bedroom which I keep falling down. Funnily enough I only ever seem to fall down them when I'm sober..something wrong there!!).

If you are ever in our neck of the woods then you would be more than welcome to come visit :-). I promise if you do I'll make non-spicy Thai food for you!!

It's taken me a while to get into my stride with the throw but it's starting to get there...will post photo's in a few days :-)

C x

French Fancy said...

Oh Carol, it looks so pretty. I remember when you got the table and chairs and you are right - they look perfect; well, it all does actually. As my dear old dad used to say 'you have an eye'


Carol said...

French Fancy - I'm so glad you like it!! The do look good don't they....we were so lucky that they came into the charity shop when they did!!

Awww, thank you :-).

C x

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