Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I've finished my extreme knitting!!

And I have to say that I am rather pleased with myself!! The last time I knitted anything was about 20 years was a pink scarf which, by the time I had actually finished the bloody thing, I completely hated!!! (I went through a pink phase for about three the time the scarf was finished I had discovered heavy metal and a love of black!!). Anyway, I have digressed...

Here is the finished throw on the chair

Here is a close up of the colours

I chose them to match these cushions

*goes off to do wee happy dance*


ladyfi said...

Well done you - you totally deserve to be pleased with yourself... (Pat on back here...)

Love the autumnal colours. The whole effect is delightful!

Carol said...

Ladyfi - Thank you very much my dear. *grins*. I am ridiculously pleased with it!!

C x

Anonymous said...

looks fab sweetie, it's huge and i know some animals that would absolutely love it.


French Fancy said...

You've done so well, Carol.I love the colours!

Blu said...

brilliant not what i expected

Kevin Mullins said...

Wow! Be very useful in those wet and cold winter days....and also very useful in those wet and cold summer days that we seem to be having too.

Mark said...

Do the cats like it? Or are they not allowed?

BT said...

wow, that's brilliant Carol, well done. I had a knitting phase last year but I can only do basic stuff. I tried some patterns but just didn't understand the instructions! No Mum to ask anymore. xxx

JJ Beattie said...

Oooh it's gorgeous. It looks lovely on the chair too.

You are a clever bunny.

Ann said...

Oh how lovely, colour superb, okay, turned out better than I thought it would with 10 needles, don't quite know what I was expecting.

Okay, how do you keep the cats from this, is it covered in plastic coating ( like the old dears in Florida have to protect their furniture )so when they jump on, they slide off, do you have an electric fence round it, or is it only for show, when the visitors come round, out comes the beautiful throw.

No way could I keep my two dogs from this, well apart from the daily use of the taser gun when they get too giddy.

DJ Kirkby said...

Completely gorgeous! Bet the Splats love it too :)

Queenie said...

Stunning, Carol. And is it me, or did you do that really, really fast?

Your scarf tale made me laugh. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Well done you, it looks fab. The Splats are sure to adopt it as soon as your back is turned.

Love Mum x

HelenMHunt said...

That's beautiful. I love the richness of the colours x

Carol said...

Yvonne - Your right, it is's longer than I am and weighs a bloody ton!!! When I was knitting it I didn't know what to do with the bit already knitted...had it over my shoulder at one point!!

French Fancy - I love the colours too :-). I've still got some wool left over so might so a matching (smaller) cover for our window seat!!

Blu - I'm curious as to what you did expect but I'm glad you like it :-)

Kevin - It was quite nice working on it yesterday because it kept my knees nice and warm!!

Mark - They've not really paid that much attention to it!! They were more interested in attacking the actual balls of wool than they were in the knitted bit....I'm sure once they discover how warm it is there will be a fight to see which one gets on it!!

BT - It was simple....just knit and pearl and it's all the one size!! (Although I had forgotten how to cast off and ended up going onto U-tube to find a demonstration!!)

JJ - I thought you might like it :-D. (It was nowhere near as complicated as your strawberry!!)

Ann - Hehehe, not ten needles...ten strands of pair of needles!! (Big bloody needles....with Gai liked the look of and when I picked them up yesterday the wee bugger had chewed the ends!!)

Apart from the needles the cats have pretty much ignored it!! Give it time....I'm sure they will be on it chewing bits and clawing at it!! (LOL at covering in plastic like those Florida folk...eeewwww, the plastic must make your bum sweat especially in that Florida heat!!)

DJ - I'm really chuffed you like it!! (I have to admit that I did stroke it lovingly this morning!)

Queenie - I think because the needles are so large (They are about the same length and thickness as my arm) the stitches are large so the knitting grows really quickly.

I'm thinking about doing one for the bed in shades of creams and browns (but I might give my arms some recovery time first because the throw is very very heavy!!)

Hehehe, I know....Pink!! What was I thinking!!

Mum - I'm really pleased with it and had loads of fun making it!! (Even if I did manage to hit myself on the head with the needles)

C x

Carol said...

Helen - You sneaked in there!!

Thank you hon!! I'm really pleased with the way it's turned out :-)

C x

Debs said...

Wow, I love it, and it looks gorgeous on your chair.

The only knitting I ever started was when my sister announced she was pregnant, and I decided to make something for the baby.

The 'baby' is now 22 and I never did manage to get anywhere near finishing it. Whatever it was.

Ann said...

Hehehe, not ten needles...ten strands of pair of needles!!

Makes no difference to me Carol, just the words knitting needles and wool, strike terror in my heart.

I swear, hand on heart, I once knitted a jumper, lets use the word "knitted", loosely here, this was not any old jumper, this was a cross over v neck type thingy, with a cross over thingy just below the hips, the pattern was quite gorgeous, never read a pattern, nor ever knitted anything before, apart from the daft scarf's they made you knit at school, the wool was mohair with shiny bits, off I set, two years later the jumper was finished, all excited, I tried it on, went down past my ankles, the arms trailed for miles behind, 40 people could have fitted in the body part along with myself, the old woman who lived in the shoe with all her wean's, refused it, saying it was far too big to live in, I gave it to an elephant owner, fits Nellie perfectly.

Carol said...

Debs - I think it looks pretty good (but then I might be slightly biased!!)

LOL, maybe one day you'll come across it :-)

Ann - OMG that didn't half make me least you finished it!!!

*goes off chortling*

C x

Ann said...

Had no option Carol, had to finish it, no more of the mohair with shiny bits wool was to be found anywhere in the world, the pattern said 10 balls of wool, think I used 10,000, I just kept adding to the monstrosity, perhaps thinking, the more I knit, the less hideous it will become, and it might even take on some semblance of a shape, well I was wrong, it just took on a life of its own, we had to knock down a living room wall to get the jumper out of the house.

hullaballoo said...

You so deserve to go off and do your wee dance Carol, the throw is lovely. The concept of extreme knitting really grabs me, but not quite enough to do it myself lol. I only knit we squirly things that end up looking like poos. I think the kids are relieved I don't knit them rainbow scarves.

Lily Sheehan said...

I love this - I love knitting but I am rubbish at it.

Carol said...

Ann - That made me roar with laughter...I am now imagining a 'knitted' monster that eats wool instead of children :-)

Hulla - It was the extreme bit that appealed to me and got me knitting again!! When my cousin come to visit he was horrified at the thought of me knitting till I showed him the needles...then he burst out laughing and said 'I might have known!!'

You might be able to start a new trend, rainbow poo scarf's...then again....perhaps not!!!

Lily - I'm not so great at knitting either...that's why I love the big needles...I'm not very good but it still looks ok :-)

C x

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Like the throw - will be nice and warm and snuggly for the winter, too.

Leigh said...

Oh, that's pretty.
Last time I did knitting, my landlady got so stressed out watching my progress that she took it off me and finished it herself. Second half was a bit better than the first...

Carol said...

Sea Blue Sky - It's amazingly soft and warm...I think I may hibernate in it all winter!!

Leigh - Thank you very much my dear :-).

Hehehe, the only reason I managed that is because it was just straight lines...didn't have to do anything complicated!!

It was lovely seeing you at the weekend!! If you ever want a break just give us a are more than welcome to come stay :-)

C x

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