Friday, 30 January 2009

Woooo Hooooo

Guess what....we get the keys to our new house today!!! I am so excited.....I can't wait!! We officially move in tomorrow and we've arranged for all our stuff to arrive on Tuesday so it's really going to feel like home quite quickly!!

Finally, after over a month living out of a suitcase, we can unpack....


There has been a meme going round which I have been tagged's the one where you open your forth photo album and then post the fourth picture in it so I leave you with this photograph of Thai's celebrating Songkran.

The Thai New Year, also known as Songkran, is celebrated every year from the 13th to the 15th of April and is the time when Thai people return home to visit family and to pay respect to the elders around the neighbourhood. Songkran is a time for cleaning and renewal and water is very heavily associated with it. Originally pouring a small amount of water on other people's hands was done as a sign of respect but now the most obvious celebration of Songkran is the throwing of water - people actually roam the streets with bowls of water, water pistols or even a garden hose, and drench each other and everyone's bonkers...the entire city turns into one big waterfight!!


Since we will be moving house tomorrow I'm not sure when I'll be able to blog doesn't have internet access at the moment but we will be getting it up and running....please bare with me :-)


French Fancy said...

Oh what fun that festival would be. Mr FF and I have had the occasional water fight and still do actually.

What an exciting time for you - it will be lovely to have all your things around you again. How is Chris enjoying his new job?

Carol and Chris said...

French Fancy - It is brilliant fun lasts for three days and by the end of day two you've kinda had enough!! Your not even immune if your going out to dinner and your all dressed up....that's when it gets a bit much!!

Chris is enjoying the new job...still finding his feet and sorting out all the admin stuff. Everyone has made him really welcome...I think he's definately made the right choice!!

C x

Debs said...

Congratulations on getting your keys, how exciting.

I love the photo, it certainly looks like they're having fun, although to do it over here for New Year would be rather a cooler experience I think.

JJ said...

Goodness that was quick.

Oh and Songkran coming around again... that's quick too. Where can I hide?

Caroline said...

Happy house moving!!!! x

Lily Sheehan said...

That pic looks like a lot of fun. They have a similar thing in Newquay in the Summer. It doesn't represent anything, its just people drenching other people in water. We did it to people drinking in a beer garden and we got drenched in their beer. I was only 15 at the time and went home stinking of beer.

Anonymous said...

Hey, so glad to hear you are getting settled back in the UK so quickly. Did you get the email I sent earlier this week?
Susan xx

DJ Kirkby said...

Yay for you two!!!! Are the Splats still in quarentine? When is the house warming? xo

Lane said...

Ooh exciting. You must be sooo looking forward to unpacking and settling in.

I have the same question as DJ - when are the splats allowed home?

Carol and Chris said...

Debs - It is brilliant fun but it lasts three days and by the end of day two it really has worn a bit thin!! Your not even immune if you are all dressed up for a night out!!

JJ - Hehehe, I thought you were a Songkran convert after last

We're just back from the new house and I love it!!

Caroline - Thanks honey :-)

Lily - Hehehehe, beer is supposed to be good for the hair.

Susan - Hi Honey!! We're getting there...will feel more like home when we are surrounded by our stuff. Nope, didn't get an e-mail from you this week :-(

DJ - I know...very exciting!! *sigh* the splats have only been in quarantine for one month and two days (can you tell I'm counting??) so they have 4 months and 29 days to go before they can join us :-(

As for the house warming, we shall have one once we have some furniture and of course you will be invited!!

Lane - I can't wait!! The only problem is that our stuff is going to arrive and we have nowhere to put it!! Need to do some furniture shopping....

Not for some time yet but we're going to visit them soon....I am having serious splat withdrawal!!

C x

Blu said...

Hello having such problems leaving a comment..

Good luck with the move xxxx

Troy said...

I've had problems trying to leave a comment too. I was going to say that "bare with me" in your posting should read "bear with me" but then on second thoughts perhaps your way sounds more fun.

Carol and Chris said...

Blu - Are the problems just on my blog or with everyones?

Troy - Ha, my way is definitely more fun!!

Hmmm, must try and work out why your having problems commenting...

C x

Anonymous said...

I hope the move went well & everything turned up from Bkk. How much snow do you have?
CW xxx

BT said...

Such excitement getting the keys to your new home. I wish you all the luck. You'll soon be settled I'm sure. The 'splats'? What are they? Dogs, I'm sure, but what flavour???

Love to you

HelenMHunt said...

Woo hoo for getting the keys. Let's hope it's not too long before the PCs are back with you xxx

DJ Kirkby said...

I've done your alphabet meme. Hope the move went well and you are unpacked already. xo

Carol and Chris said...

Caroline - Everything turned up in perfect condition!! The packers were brilliant....I can't recommend JVK high enough!!

Ha, waaaay to much snow!!! We've had about five inches and Chris had to work from home for two days last week because the roads were so bad!! Bit different to Bangkok....

BT - Thanks hon. It's going to take a wee while for us to get completely settled but we'll get there.

hehehe, the splats are our cats :-)

Helen - My thoughts exactly!! The house is fab I absolutely love it and our neighbours are lovely too (phew)

DJ - I shall be over directly to see how you got on :-). Already unpacked...that would be nice!!

C x

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