Monday, 19 January 2009

My nose is froze :-(

A new dawn, a new day, a new life.....

After spending a stupid amount of time travelling (it was something hideous like 17 hours) we arrived in Manchester to be greeted with the statement 'The temperature outside is 2 degrees" from the pilot. OMG.....2 degrees.......and I was still wearing flipflops because of my stupid toes is not a look that I think will catch on!!!

Our lovely friend Oneila (Neils) met us at the airport and we had a fantastic evening with her. We dumped the bags (I put socks on!!) and headed out to what used to be our old local....The Metropolitan in West Didsbury. Ohhh it was so nice - the place was heaving and after a few drinks we went to Reserve (Fab wine shop owned by our friend Kate) and bought a bottle (or two) of wine and then got a take away from our favourite curry place. It was just what the doctor ordered!!!

The following day we collected our hire car and drove straight up to Scotland. Sadie (Chris's Mum) was our first port of call and we had a lovley afternoon catching up with her and Chris's Aunt Dot (who managed to scare the living daylights out of me by creeping up behind me and shouting 'Boo' whilst I was in Asda hunting for a pair of proper shoes....Asda, I then discovered, don't sell shoes....*sigh*). Then we headed over to my Mum's. The rest of the week was pretty much spent flitting between various family members.

I would also like to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Derek and Anna who are now the proud parents of a very healthy 9 pounds 11 ounces (Ouch!!) baby boy!! (My Gran is now a great Granmother and she is over the moon about it!!)

Oh, and we've been sleeping.....a lot!! Party people were definately NOT in the house.....we were lucky if we managed to last past 8.30pm!! (It's definately harder to deal with Jet Lag in winter than it is in the summer!!!)

Anyhoo, we travelled down to sunny Swindon on Saturday and are currenly staying in a serviced house. When we arrived the guy that runs the place had put the lights on, turned the heating on and had even bought us some bread, milk, tea and coffee which really made us feel welcome. The house is nice...three bedroom, dining area, decent kitchen and we even have a bit of garden.

Chris started his new job today and tomorrow we will go out with our relocation people to view properties. I'm quite excited about it....I love looking at houses!!! (Me?? Nosey?? Never!!!). We'll be looking at houses in the market towns of Marlborough, Cirencester, Faringdon, Malmesbury and in the Old Town section of Swindon. Hopefully by tomorrow we will have somewhere to live :-)


Lane said...

Hurrah! You made it. Welcome back and good luck with the house hunting. Hope you find something really special and are adjusting to the cold:-) xx

SueG said...

Ooh, I'm so excited to have won. I'm honoured. So, I really go to your gallery and pick a piece and you'll sign it and send it to me? Really?

Carol and Chris said...

Lane - Congratulations....your the first commenter on my new blog!!! Woo hoo!!

I am currently waiting with bated breath...there were two that we really liked...keep your fingers crossed for me :-)

Sue - I was just about to pop over to tell you that you were a winner. Yup, go to the gallery, pick one and I shall send it to you :-)

C x

Caroline said...

Welcome back honey. When you find your feet and come up North again, let me know x

JJ said...

Hey you. I've gotta be careful here... Missing you lots. I'm very glad to hear all that exciting news.

(Did you want the bag in the same colour as mine?)

Carol and Chris said...

Caroline - Thanks hon :-). I will definately give you a shout when we are back in your neck of the woods!!!

JJ - Hey hon....I'm missing you tons too (but I'm not going to dwell on that cause I'll get teary!!).

Yes, I would absolutely love the bag in the same colour as'll match the gloves that have been permanently welded onto my hands (maybe I should take them off....they are making typing rather difficult!!)....OMG it's cold here!!

C x

Amy P. said...

Hey! Welcome home! I'm very interested in your life in the UK. I hope you find a place to live really soon, take lots of pictures. :)

Debs said...

Welcome back to the UK. You sound as if you're settling in nicely.

Love the new blog name too. x

SueG said...

It was so hard to choose. They are all so beautiful, but I've decided I'd especially love to have "Read Not Only Books but Man Also" (solid). I don't think I have your email, do I? Just tell me how you'd like me give you my address. Thanks so much! I'm really very excited!

French Fancy said...

I'm so happy you are safe and sound and warmer now than on your arrival. How great to be going round looking at houses - I love doing that sort of thing. Good luck with getting all your new routines underway and hope Chris is going to enjoy his new job


Troy said...

I was wondering where the "wandering spirits" had got to. I hope you weren't too offended by my latest blog posting - I have responded to you and "come in peace". Good luck with the househunting - it cetainly is a buyer's market out there!

Carol and Chris said...

Amy - Oh, don't you worry...there will be pictures galore!!

Debs - We're getting there. Once we have a house sorted and our stuff around us we can start making it really feel like home. I'm missing the splats like mad (probably won't properly feel like home till they are back with us)....1 month down...5 to go :-(

SueG - I am so pleased that your pleased (does that make any sense whatsoever??). My e-mail address is you send me your address I shall get the picture to you :-)

French Fancy - I now have a lovely pair of black fur lined boots and my toes are now lovely and snug (Hurrah for boots!!). I loved looking round the houses and we saw some real stunning ones (and some real hideous ones).

Chris is enjoying the new job, he's been mostly doing to admin stuff so that he can get everything up and's never easy starting a new job!!

Troy - LOL at 'come in peace'.....I just wanted to point out that not all Scots are like that :-)

The house hunting went well (I am about to blog about it)

C x

Hullaballoo said...

Hellooooooooo honeybear xx

Carol and Chris said...

Yay found me :-)

Welcome to my new blog!!

C x

Anonymous said...

Hi again,
I have just found and read your new blog.
Good luck with the househunting,

Carol and Chris said...

Awww, thanks went well and was great fun (although I don't think Chris would agree with me on that!!)

C x

Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog Carol. Sounds like you are finding your feet in the UK. Think of you both often. Keep well. Sue X

Carol and Chris said...

Awwww, thanks hon :-). We're getting there....

Give us a shout when your visiting would be fab to see you

C x

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