Thursday, 22 January 2009

House Hunting (Gas vs Electric)

OMG I cooked on an electric hob for the first time in about 6 years on Monday night.....and managed to weld my bolognese sauce to the bottom of the pot!! (Thankfully it tasted fine but I needed a hammer and chisel to get the bloody stuff off the botton of the pan...I'm not took about ten minutes to clean!!). Pfft....the heat on the 3 setting was too low and the 4 setting was too it was with feeling that I said to Graham, our relocation consultant, that I really wanted somewhere with a gas cooker!!

He came and picked us up at 9.30am and gave us the list of properties that he was going to show us.....18 in total....I could feel Chris losing the will to live before we had even started!! The first town we visited was's a beautiful little town (Ha, it even had a shop called Emporium although it was nothing like Emporium in was a wee place that sold car parts!!). We saw three places - the first one was orange (what is it about orange...when I was apartment hunting in Bangkok a scary majority of them were orange...and not in a good way!!), the second was small but beautifully formed (tall and skinny but completely impracticle for Chris's 6ft 3 height....he would have spent most of his time concussed...actually that might not have been so bad....hmm....) and the third was nothing to write home about. By the end of viewing the three houses Graham had got the measure of us and was already slagging me off about my cooking!! (every property we saw that had an electric cooker he made cheeky comments about workmen blaming the tools and needing to practice my cooking!!)

The second town we visited was Marlborough. It's a stunning market town, lots of shops, restuarants and pubs and we saw two properties there (I'm not going to bore you by talking about all 18!!) that we quite liked. One was a modern style cottage (the tenant was a single man and you could so pong table in the living room, practically no furniture and shirts hanging from every curtain rail) and the other was an older cottage (also home to a single man....who had filled every nook and cranny with stuff....bolts, tools, a two handled electric car polisher (I didn't even know you could buy such a thing!!) was in need of a good clean and de-clutter).

The thrid place we visited was the town of Malmesbury and we both fell in love with the place!! It's a reasonably sized town but has a really nice village feel - it has stunning views, an old abbey, is only a 20 minute drive from Swindon and it had lots of really nice eateries, good pubs, fresh fish van, local butchers...everything you could want really!! We saw two houses there that we both really was very very quirky but not really practicle (the master bedroom was up incredibly steep stairs and Chris would have been able to wave to the neighbours when using the toilet...for all concerned that would not be good!!) and the second one was quirky but not overly so. Three bedrooms spread over three floors with lovely views over the garden (and it even had a garden shed so somewhere for Tom to stay when he comes to visit...hehehehe).

The fourth, and last area, we visited was Cirencester. It's a beautiful place but a lot bigger than the other three and I think it suffered for that. We only liked one of the houses we were shown and it was one of those places that already had someone's personality stamped on it and we both felt that we would always feel like we were living in someone elses house so we decided against it.

Graham dropped us off in Old Town and recomended a great pub called The Roaring Donkey!! It wasn't open when we arrived so we poped round the corner to this lovely little tapas bar and had a glass of wine (Chris had earned it!!) while we discussed all the properties that we had seen. We decided to make an offer (we're going to rent....don't know the areas well enough to buy) on the second place we had seen in Malmesbury. I am so excited....Graham is going to speak to the landlord.

Keep your fingers crossed!!!


Lane said...

18 in one day?? No wonder Chris was losing the will to live:-0

I like the kitchen in the last photo. Is that the one you're hoping to rent?

Carol and Chris said...

Lane - It is indeed!!! I am so excited about it...the entire house was beautiful (Be warned!! I will bore the pants off you describing it if we get the place!!). The outside of it is the one in the photo in the Malmesbury section of my rambling :-)

C x

Troy said...

I think househunting is great fun. I even thought about starting a relocation service/househunting business here in Suffolk when I retired. However being new to the area was a minor problem! You are SO right about gas v electric. Remember the old advert - "cookability, that's the beauty of gas". So controllable and flexible.

JJ said...

Oooh so exciting. I love that part of the country.

French Fancy said...

Is that the house in the 8th pic. If so - it does indeed look inviting.Maybe you should write into that BBC programme, Escape to the Country. I find all this very exciting - I want to hear lots of details.

Incidentally, after a lifetime (well, about 20 years) of using a gas hob, since moving to France we've got a ceramic one with halogen rings and I find it superb; easily the best thing I've ever cooked on.

Carol and Chris said...

Troy - I loved every minute of it...I just couldn't understand how anyone could have lived in the orange one!!

Oh, after Monday's disaster I just couldn't have faced moving somewhere with an electric just can't control the heat the same!!

JJ - I really hope we get's stunning and I'm hoping that having three flights of stairs will help me shift the weight I put on over Christmas!!

French Fancy - There are three pictures of it. The outside of it (The three stone houses together), the kitchen and the dining room. Hehehe...I should have written to them shouldn't I!! Oh, and don't I said to Lane...if we get it I will bore the pants off you all talking about it!!

I've heard good things about halogen but I don't think I could make the swap....I'm a gas girl (erm, that doesn't mean I have gas!!)

C x

Debs said...

I love nosing around houses, but even I couldnt do 18 in one day, phew.

I love the look of the one you're getting. How exciting.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Carol

Read you blog and hope you get the house you want.

Sandy and I are off tomorrow - early - to Colorado to do some skiing and to see Fiona and the girls.

Hope all is well with you both. Take care.

Yours aye with love, Kay.

Carol and Chris said...

Debs - Ahhh, I'm sure you could!!! (It was actually quite surprising how fast we got round them)

I love it too *squeal*

Kay - Thanks hon. I hope you and Sandy have a great time in Colorado :-)

C x

Martyn said...

The Roaring Donkey in Old Town, I've drank in there many a time but not for a few years now. Sorry I caught your Thai blog just as it was coming to it's end. All the best from my hometown Swindon.

Carol and Chris said...

Martyn - Welcome and thanks for leaving a comment :-).

I really liked the Roaring Donkey everyone was very friendly and I'm looking forward to doing some more exploring (any recomendations for places to visit would be gratefully received!!)

Will pop over and have a nosy at your blog now :-)

C x

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