Saturday, 3 January 2009

Blog Friends....I have a challenge for you

We have one week to go and one of the things that is occupying my mind is my blog. I don't feel like I can continue to blog here when I will no longer be living in Thailand so obviously I am going to have to start another one....the problem is I have no idea what the hell to call it!! I mean 'Only In Swindon' doesn't have quite the same ring to it does it and I can't help but feel that the title should be something generic (not place based) so I don't need to change it again if we move. I'm feeling a bit sad to be parting with this blog....I'm not going to delete it or anything but I won't be adding to it once we leave.

So back to my challenge, we are going away to Kanchanaburi for a couple of days (I think fresh air, mountains and some relaxation will do us both good) and I was hoping that you clever lot out there might be able to come up with some blog title ideas whilst we are away. I even have a bribe...did I say bribe...I meant incentive - the winner can tell me which one of my scribbles they like and I will send them a signed limited edition print. So get your thinking caps on.....


Blu said...

Yael Naim is a very popular singer here in France although she sings in English. Her song last year was called New Soul.

PS..Thanks for asking about the photograph, and yes of course you can, show us the finished painting!

DJ Kirkby said...

You are giving away your art as a prize? OMG! This is def one comp I am entering. I think you should name your blog 'Splats', that was the term of endearment that made me fall in love with your blog way back when. I am so excited that you will be back in England in a week. Yaaaaaayyyyyyyy. xo

Lane said...

Oh my word. What a prize. I will put my thinking cap on although I already like DJ's suggestion.

Can you change the name of the blog and keep the blog (if you know what I mean)? I'm not sure about the url though.

have fun on your trip:-)

SueG said...

So hard to believe there's just a week left! I agree, "Only in Swindon" doesn't have the same ring to it. But what if you called it "Not Only in Thaiiand"? It would certainly feel like a continuation of your old beloved blog and keep you open to who knows what will happen in your futures? Just an idea...enjoy your holiday!! xo

Debs said...

Ooh I'd love a piece of your art, but I can't think of anything! So typical.

Um, er, how about, 'The Next Adventure', 'Part Deux', um, 'Back in Blighty'?

Lily Sheehan said...

How about 'Handbags at dawn' as It would seem you are quite a fan. I didnt name my blog until months after i started writing because nothing sounded right - its tough naming blogs. Love the incentive btw!!

Amy P. said...

Kanchanaburi is so gorgeous. Have fun Carol! I can't believe only seven days left of your adventures in Thailand.

What a prize for the challenge - Your works have always been so beautiful and inspiring.

How about "My Ex-expat's Life" or "Life as an Ex-expat" ...something along those lines?


hullaballoo said...

How about

The Swindon Scribbler - nah, sounds a bit like a serial killer


New beginnings
Once in Thailand
Phantom Wonderer/Wonderer
Oh Phuket!
The Gilded Hairdryer
Artistic and Animated
Arsy and Enigmatic
Arty Farty Flaky Pastry (this one's a bit out there!)
Macroni Breezer (oh dear, I seem to be running out of ideas)
Beery and bloated (this could be a premenstrual drunken blog. It does not in any way refer to my picture of your in reality. Funny though)

Tam said...

Oh god oh god oh god, I can't think of a thing but I want to win!
Erm...Notes from a Small Island (poss been done)? Swinging Swindon (think this may have unfortunate connotations)? Carry On Blogging (cue Babs Windsor-esque laughter)? On the Other Side? The Chicken Only Clucks Twice (no, I haven't a clue either)??

It's no good, I can't do it and I'm meant to be writing. Good luck, m'dear. See you soon, as it were :-)

Anonymous said...

Good things happen to bad people :-)
Or Onwards and Upwards!! You used it yourself
I'm evil My Middle name is Bernie... No really wouldn't work and probaly copyrighted

But I think

The Splats have landed has a certain charm
Bugger it I just want the bloody picture. It's mine mine I tell you.

"And Yes I have been drinkig."

You can use that too if you want.

Love Tomato (hic)

SpiralSkies said...

I agree with SueG - Not Only in Thailand is what I suggested in reply to your comment on my blog!!! Great minds and all that.

Crumbs, a week? Time truly does fly...

Troy said...

How about -

Carol and Chris -
Wandering Spirits


DJ Kirkby said...

I've given you an award to help you launch the first post on your new blog.

French Fancy said...

Oh bum, everyone has come up with some good names. Well, I'm going to suggest:

From Thai to Swi. Why?

And then of course in your scribble on the side you can say why.It would of course help if you then moved to somewhere like Brighton or Hillingdon.

good luck with the prep for the last week. At least you'll come back to the city fresh as a mountain stream.


Tam said...

Have been thinking again - what about Disorient Express (cos there's a rail museum in Swindon, d'you see what I did there?)

Catherine said...

I was hoping to come up with something midboggling brilliant, but then I saw that you already have one mentioned...

Not Only In Thailand

So there's NOIT that I can do about it... ;-)

Janice said...

What about tying it in with your art + website?...
"Gallus Art"?
"Gallus Prose or text or words or missives" (to distinguish from the Art part)?
"Gallus Alice?" (ok - so change your name, the rhyme works)
"Gallus Fart?" (well, you've no idea if your insides will re-adjust quickly to British food...)

Oh I give up! I have to go back to my original tribute to your flying cats... "Thai Pussies in Britain" - that could bring you a whole new lot of traffic...

(btw: you can rename the blog in "settings" + so keep the old URL + memories for everyone)

Janice said...

Oh I just had another thought....

"Missing Moon"


Cos you will be!

Jon said...

Howz about?


'Sawadee Swindon'

'And we still eat rice...'

Carol said...

A HUGE thanks to everyone who has left a suggestion (or 5). Chris and I shall be deliberating over the next few days (probably whilst on the plane....we do have a 17 hour journey ahead of us) and the winner will be announced once we're back in the UK. (We are going to be in Scotland for our first week and will have sporadic internet access so you might have to wait till we are in Swindon on the 19th Jan....or we might surprise you all (and us) by making a decision before that)

Blu - Aww hon....thank you for giving me permission to have a go at painting one of your photos :-) (I will only let you see it if it's not too hideous!!)

DJ - I am indeed and I shall be seeing you soon :-)

Lane - I don't know...I'll need to look into whether that can be done or not...would be nice wouldn't it!!

Sue - The time has flown by....we've only got two days left now (I sense much bubbling in my future!!)

Debs - Hehehehe your comment did make me laugh :-))

Lily - It's not easy coming up with a name is it!! That's why I turned to you writerly lot :-)

Amy - Awww, that's such a lovely thing to say!! I'm so sorry we didn't get a chance to meet up whilst you were over here...bad planning on my part!!!

Hulla - LMAO!!!

Tam - The chicken only clucks twice??? Hehehehehe

Tomato - OMG I had completely forgotten about the 'my name is evil' thing....I tried explaining it to Chris but couldn't do it for laughing. Looking forward to seeing you soon honey :-)

Spiral - Great minds indeed :-)

Troy - LOL.....That makes us sounds as if we have died!!

DJ - Yay an award!! That's going to make me look less of a 'billy no mates' when I have my new, nothing on it, blog. Thanks honey :-)

French Fancy - We had a wonderful time...will be blogging about it soon :-)

Tam - I did and it's very clever (you know more about Swindon that me....I had no idea it had a rail museum!!)

Catherine - That seems to be a rather popular choice :-)

Janice - LMAO!!! Thai pussies indeed...I dread to think what type of person that would attract (actually I think I can probably guess!!)

I thought about doing a Gallus type link but would rather keep my blog a bit more separate from what I laughingly call my professional stuff...does that make any sense whatsoever?? (It's late....I have wine...)

Your a clever cookie....I didn't know I could just change the title :-)

Jon - Welcome and thanks for leaving some suggestions :-)

C x

Leigh said...

Er, anyone still here? [curses loudly for ever-present lateness to interesting events]. My vote goes to Not Only in Thailand...or anything suggested by Hullaballoo.

Have a safe trip, a lovely stop in Scotland, and hope to see you before too long.

Carol said...

Leigh - There is nobody here but us chickens....

Welcome and thanks for the comment...I think you and I shall be meeting at DJ's book launch in the not too distant future?

C x

Leigh said...

We will, and I'm looking forward to it.
Have a safe trip.
(Although I might have said that already.)

Tam said...

Cluck cluck

Anonymous said...

careful with the chicken thing. Don't want to set the house on fire and all that ;-}


Carol said...

Leigh - Yay!! I'm really looking forward to the launch....can't wait...can't wait!!

Tam - LOL. I couldn't resist the chicken comment when Leigh asked if there was anyone there :-)

Tomato - Hopefully there will be slightly more room for us to practise our swing dancing in the new place....then again...perhaps that's not such a great idea!!!

C x

Alan & Wanna said...

Wonderful suggestions. And I found you by google input to a search "suggest a blog name for Thailand". I've just finished in Karachi and like you had a blog so I can't move that either! Maybe "Not in Karachi" is the way for me to go? What you think? And let me know your new blog. Alan

Carol said...

Alan - It's not easy coming up with a new name is it!! I went with the suggestion 'Not Only In Thailand' :-)

C x

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