Monday, 29 December 2008

Pfftt - We've had a computer virus

Which is why my wee blog has been neglected (and I've got loads to blog about!!). I think I shall start by wishing you all a (slightly belated) Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year.

Oh, and if anyone knows where I can buy a mirror that does this then perhaps I can ask Chris for one for my Christmas next year :-)

Right, I'm off to see what you've all been up to.....


monica said...

i ran into that mirror at the Fort Worth museum of Nature and Science (in Fort Worth, Texas) i may have kissed it...

Lane said...

Happy New Year Carol.

I have that mirror. In my mind:-)

Tam said...

Seasons greetings, m'dear. Hope you're now virus free?

JJ Beattie said...

Cooo, I'd love that mirror too. (That arse - we can only see one arse - looks remarkably familiar!)

Happy Christmas honey.

Carol said...

Monica - Welcome :-). what I need to do is ask Chris for a trip to Texas (have always wanted to visit the states!!). Do you think they would notice if I tried to smuggle the mirror out under my jumper??

Lane - You don't need a mirror like that my dear....I've seen your photo's!!

JJ - Right distract them over at the Nature and Science museum and I'll grab the mirror...we can share :-)

Tam - Thanks hon. Yes, we now appear to be virus free...thankfully!!!

C x

Hullaballoo said...

Hiya Carol, Happy Christmas. At least it wasn't a flu virus, good to hear from you.


Blu said...

Glad that you PC is virus free. Hee hee I have that mirror but it dosent work verru well.

French Fancy said...

Glad to see you back in action. How annoying for you not to have been able to get online. I wish I could magic everyone's view of me to see a slim young thing.

I hope all the packing is almost over.

Anonymous said...

Mirror, Mirror, On the wall... Naaahhh, still didn't work :-(

Good to see your blog back in action, I just thought you were too busy to update it. Hope your wee splats got off all right, and just remember, it won't be too long before you see them again.
See you soon.

Love Mum xx

Debs said...

Happy New Year to you too. x

I want that mirror too.

DJ Kirkby said...

You see that is my problem, my brain does that for me. I must have the opposite of anorexia, i think I look slimmer than I really am. What I need is a mirror that does it in reverse, so everyone sees me as skinnier than I really am. Or I suppose, I could always go on a diet...sigh...

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back up and running. Will check in soon for updates on how and where you're at.

Best of the festive whatever,


Carol said...

Hulla - I'm glad it wasn't a flu virus too but being without the computer was pretty hellish....I've really missed everyone!! Will be popping over to yours later to see what you've been up to :-)

Blu - LOL. I hope you had a lovely Christmas hon.

French Fancy - Gawd it's been awful not being able to get online!! Our local internet cafe has been doing a roaring trade!!

It's been a bit traumatic....bawled like a baby when the cats left (they are now safe and sound in the UK). We have our last day in the apartment today :-(

Mum - Awww, it was horrible watching them go. (I cried myself to sleep...sad woman that I am!!). Was much relieved when we got the call to say that they had arrived safe and sound!!

Debs - It made me giggle when I saw it :-)

DJ - Naaaa, life is waaaay too short for diets!!! In saying that....when we get back to the UK I'm going to have to watch what I eat....I've piled on a ton of weight in the last couple of months. Too many leaving get togethers and then Christmas!!

B - It's good to be back up and running :-)

C x

French Fancy said...

me again - it must be odd to be without your little furry ones. Don't be down Carol, you'll soon all be reunited. Are you in a hotel now - till you go, I mean.

Carol said...

French Fancy - We're very lucky and have some really lovely friends here. We're staying with one lot for a few days then we're going to have a bit of a break and then we are going to stay with another lot. The second lot have a car and driver and they are going to get him to take us to the airport so we have no problems (Hehehe - I think they just want to make sure we actually leave the country!!)

We got a call from our removal company today to let us know that they had spoken to the people at the cattery and both cats are doing fine. They will be back living with us before we know it :-)

C x

Amy P. said...

I've missed you, Carole! I'm glad you're back. ;)

peter_may said...

Hey pet, I wondered where you had got to. Viruses, huh? GET A MAC!! Shame you weren't around, you missed my first live internet broadcast to promote the new book, Blacklight Blue. However, you can still see a recording of it on:
It's been an amazing success. 2500 viewers in the last week, and the 33rd most visited broadcast on the Mogulus network in December!! Looking forward to seeing you in the not too distant future.

Femin Susan said...

Absolutely fantastic post! Good job!
Great! Keep posting
Good week………
" A Happy New Year''

Carol said...

Amy - I'm glad we're back too!! It was a bit like having my right arm cut off!!

Dad - There have been reports in the news recently that Mac's can now get there :-)

Well done Dad...sounds like the broadcast went really well...I'm sorry I missed it but will definately go and watch it again.

Femin Susan - Welcome and thanks for the nice comment. Hope you have a good year too :-)

C x

Anonymous said...

Thought you'd packed everything up early and forgot about the old blog there. Splats will be fine and plotting how long they can freak you out by staring into space and ignoring you. I have that mirror thank-you argos.
Can't wait to catch up with you both next year.


SpiralSkies said...

Happy New Year to you... I predict that 2009 will be the year we finally get to meet :0)

Carol said...

Tomato - Your absolutely right about the splats!! When they came back from being chipped at the vets Gai walked out the cage, looked at me and then very pointedly turned round and sat with his back to me (wee bugger!!)....Lugs shot off and hid under the dressing table with a look of 'I trusted you and look what you did to me' on his wee face. We bribed them with cat treats!!

Can't wait to see you either...DJ's book launch should be a good laugh :-)

Spiral - Yay....I have a funny feeling that your prediction may just come true!! It's about time really isn't it!!

C x

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