Tuesday, 9 December 2008

An Award

The lovely French Fancy has given me this gorgeous award (Thanks hon) and as always there are rules associated.

1. Copy and paste the rules and instructions into your post.
2. When you post about receiving this award, make sure you include who gave you the award and link it back to them.
3. Post five winners and link it back to them as well.
4. Post five of your addictions.
5. Add the award image.
6. Let your winners know you gave them an award by leaving them a comment on their blog.

So the next step is for me to nominate five other bloggers for this award so I pass this to the lovely JJ at Tea Stains, Misssy from the Misssy M Misssives, Lily at When Life Gives You Lemons, Lane at Lane's Write and last but certainly not least DJ at DJ Kirkby's Blog. (Why is there always a limit on how many people you can pass these things onto?)

Hmmm....now......five addictions

Art - Go to any shopping mall and I am to be found in one of two places....either the art book section or the art supply section. I adore drawing and am never happier than when I am hunched over my drawing table scribbling away. There are a zillion things I would love to try and I keep a note book of ideas (most of which I will never be able to achieve but one of my goals is to have fun trying). I love going to art galleries and exhibitions and everywhere we go I have to buy some kind of art whether it is an actual picture or just a postcard as a keepsake. (If I ever have enough money I want to own a Dinh Quan original)

Tea - The difference in me pre tea and post tea is incredible.......I really am one of those people that can't function without a cuppa in the morning!! I blame my Gran.....she used to make me a cup of tea as a cure for everything (Secretly I still believe in the amazing abilities of tea to solve any problem you will ever have.....but don't tell anyone....they'll laugh!!)

Books - I don't read books I consume them!! I'm really not fussy what I read and have read books from just about any genre that you care to mention. My Dad's a writer and I think that is probably where I got my love of books from....In saying that....my Mum is a book monster too so perhaps it's just in the genes!!

Funky Things - I am a collector of weird and wonderful funky things. I adore anything that is a bit odd (I'm a bit odd myself really....hey, at least I know!!) and have a strange collection of ornaments dotted about the house. I will give you a couple of examples - I have a gorgeous (Chris hates her) wee pottery cave woman ....that has huge feet, feathers for hair and a brown toga thing that goes over one shoulder but the thing that made me absolutely fall in love with her was that if you lift up the toga (don't ask me how I found this out) she has feathers for pubic hair (hehehehe - I would show you a picture but she's already been packed!!). Another example (which I bought the other day so can show you) is an old Burmese statue of a girl's face....she has, what I would call, sprigs (bunches of hair) on either side of her head and in the middle is a little rope which you can barely see but if you pull it she sticks her tongue out at you!! (I really need to get out more don't I....)

Food - I love my food. I didn't used to (that was when I was thin) but as I've got older my taste buds have matured and I have discovered the absolute joy that is good food. One thing I have really missed here is cooking...the kitchen doesn't have air-con which makes cooking in it just hideous and I end up all red faced and sweaty so one of the things I am really looking forward to about moving back to the UK is being able to cook again. I can't wait to get back to perusing farmers markets and going to food fairs choosing the freshest ingredients to cook with and then matching the wine to the recipe....bliss!!!

So there you have my five addictions :-)


DJ Kirkby said...

Ooooh thank you! Very sensible addictions you have. I will have to pick some different ones as I love those too!

Misssy M said...

Thank you very much. Addictions you say...that will make for an interesting post.

French Fancy said...

Yes, it is a bit silly that one has to be limited to five people to pass it on to.
A shame the toga lady was packed away - it does sound fascinating. I bet your new UK house will be the most exotic around. As for tea - I couldn't function without it. I used to be a coffee-in-the-morning body and then, about six years ago, something changed and I moved on to tea.

Tastebuds to change all the time - I love my food, am forever trying to lose a couple (it should in truth be more than a couple)of stone but I think life is too short to be too sever with oneseft. Mr FF likes plump women and I like eating - a match made in pastry.

French Fancy said...

oh dear, isn't my typing sloppy. If only there was an 'edit' button on blogger.

JJ Beattie said...

Aw thanks hon.

Carol said...

DJ - You are very welcome my dear and I am very glad that you think my addictions are sensible....I'm sure Chris would disagree!!

Misssy M - Hehehe I thought your addictions would make interesting reading :-)

French Fancy - I know...I wanted to give it to everyone!!

If I remember (You may have to prompt me) I shall take a picture of her in her new abode and post it for you :-). I'm not sure about exotic..bonkers is the word I would use!!

I'm completely with you on the life's too short thing!! LOL at a match made in pastry :-))

JJ - Your welcome hon x

C x

Lane said...

Thank you very much Carol!

I looked up Dinh Quan. Wow! Fabulous. I can see why you'd want to own a piece.

And I agree with your Gran. Tea is a complete cure all:-) x

Troy said...

What about the sixth addiction - blogging? I combine two of mine - blogging whilst drinking a cup of tea.

Carol said...

Lane - Your welcome my dear :-)

His stuff is amazing isn't it....I just love his whimsical nudes (I don't think I will ever have enough money but I can dream!!)

E.A.T. - I missed blogging, shoes, red wine and a whole host of others!! Hehehe...like you I blog and drink tea at the same time....that's why i nearly spat my tea on my keyboard reading your captions on DJ's WW.

C x

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