Thursday, 11 December 2008

All about H

The lovely JJ has tagged me with the letter H (I did ask for a letter so brought it upon myself...well, I thought you needed a break before I finish the Mae Hong Son trip) so I now have to blog about ten things I love beginning with the letter H

Here goes

1. Husband - I adore him...he's the only man I have ever met that can make me laugh so much I get belly ache and I wouldn't swap him for the world!! (Awww....kinda makes you want to go running for the nearest bucket doesn't it!!)

2. Handbags - (Chris you came before Handbags....that's true love for you!!). This is a recent discovery for me....I always liked them but they didn't have my heart till JJ introduced me to the joy that is Mulberry Handbags....I shall never be the same again and it's all her fault!!

3. High Heels - I really did wrack my brains to find a way of including shoes on this list!! (Handbags and High Heels - That almost makes me sound like a classy lady....those of you that read this blog regularly will know that I'm not but hey....I can dream!!)

4. Holidays - I love going on holiday (who doesn't??). I get excited just thinking about all the amazing places I want to see and, sad person that I am, I regularly look on the internet for interesting places that I could visit one day. (Yesterday it was Machu Picchu....I soooo want to go there!!)

5. Hotels - I have no idea why but I love staying overnight in hotels....I think it's something to do with the clean crisp white sheets that they have on the beds.

6. Home - I love going away but I love coming home again too!! Home is where Chris is and that changes as we move around but in terms of an actual place.....well, it would have to be Glasgow. (The picture is of Glasgow School of was built by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and is absolutely stunning!!)

7. Hugging - There is nothing quite like a big hug when you are feeling blue!!

8. Herbs - Cause I love cooking and have a weird and wonderful collection of herbs!!

9. Hiccups - They make me giggle!! (Can you tell I am now struggling for words that begin with H?)

10. Hchocolate - hehehehe

If you would like to do this alphabet Meme then just let me know and I will give you a letter :-)


The FrogBlogger said...

I'll pass on the first three, but can't argue with 4 to 10! ;-)

Lily Sheehan said...

Aww I though one was very sweet. I'm doing mine later. I got the letter S. Great post! the last one made me laugh

JJ Beattie said...

Ha ha ha. I'm so sorry it was H. And tell Chris that I am really sorry about the handbags too - it's a noble thing I did to pass on my love of Mulberry handbags. (How did you get on this afternoon?)

French Fancy said...

What a lovely collection of H loves. I think I'm with you on all of them as well. I also have Mulberry handbag love - well actually any decent bag will do but my most expensive was a Mulberry briefcase type of shoulder bag that I got for work and is now lying in the cupboard gathering dust.

(phew, what a long sentence)

Have you got a leaving date yet, Carol?

Lane said...

What lovely aitches.

I heartily approve of the last one. JJ gave me N. Do you think I could sneak in Nocolate?

Debs said...

LOL, they were brilliant answers. Loving the Hchocolate!!!

Pat Posner said...

Great answers!
Scrummy HCocolate *smile*

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the hchocolate!

Love Mum x

Lily Sheehan said...

Award for you at mine!

Carol said...

FrogBlogger - I have no idea why you wouldn't want high heels and handbags!! *giggle*

Lily - I'm glad it didn't have you running for the nearest bucket!!

JJ - It certainly was a noble thing and I can't thank you enough!! (Chris will so not agree with that). I got a beautiful orange document wallet and a bright pink purse....oooohhh they are gorgeous!!

French Fancy - Unfortunatley all my bags are of the hookey variety!! One day I will own a real one (but I'm not going to hold my breath)

We will oficially be back on British soil on the 10th of January!!

Lane - I definately think you can sneak in nocolate :-)

Debs - I just couldn't resist!!

Pat - Thanks hon....comming up with 10 things beginning with H was harder than I thought!!

Mum - Hehehehe...that doesn't surprise me!!

Lily - Yay an award. I shall be right over :-)

C x

French Fancy said...

10th Jan- hmmm,how soon can we expect you up and blogging? 11th? 12th?

I think a lot of these so-called ' high-end bags' are mostly put together in the Far East anyway,with maybe the designer's logo put on in the Milan or Paris atelier. When I was in Bangkok the fakes I saw looked simply amazing.

The FrogBlogger said...

French Fancy, yes some of the time the 'fakes' are even made by the same factory as the originals! I've seen original Man United t-shirts and copies from the same place in Bangkok, the latter a tiny fraction of the price. They look identical. Same with bags too. I brought back a ton of bona fide top quality Laos-made stuff (without the designer labels) last time I went over to France - some costing between 2 and 3 euros. Scarves too, very popular.

Troy said...

Handbags and High Heels for going Hiking (to Peru)? Husband will have to carry you back to Hotel.
And no I DON'T want a letter, thank you very much. Have indigestion doing "7 things" meme.

Blu said...

I just loved what you did with the letter ASH....thats French for H hee hee..

DJ Kirkby said...

Oh this is a good idea for a meme. I liek dyou answers, some made me giggle, some made me think'awww' and some made me think 'me too'. Can I have a letter please?

Carol said...

French Fancy - I'm hopping to keep blogging all the way through...the big question I change the name of my blog and if so to what??

(Hmmm, might do a post about that nearer the time...ask for suggestions)

The fakes here are completely friend and I are planning to do a comparison. We both have the same bag but she has the real and I have the will be interesting to see if we can tell the difference!!

The Frog Blogger - It's the same with some of the sunglasses manufacturers here as well. Same factory, same design, same materials but no name added.

Troy - sure I can't tempt you with a wee letter?? Not sure about hiking in high heels...actually I'm not sure about hiking at all...but if that is the only way to Machu Picchu then I guess hiking it will have to be!!

Blu - Thanks hon....I did my best :-)

DJ - Of course you can have a letter my dear....I think I shall give you the letter B (Since your about to have a Book launch)

C x

Hullaballoo said...

Lovely, made me all warm inside reading that. Thank you xx

Martyn said...

Glasgow and H for haggis, I thought they went hand in hand together.

Tam said...

Couldn't agree more (although I had to think whether I could claim no.1, until I remembered that I too have a husband!)

Carol said...

Hulla - I don't do soppy very often but when I do.....

Martyn - Eeeeuuuwwww Haggis....I'm a bit of a crap Scottish person relly...I don't like Haggis or Porridge....Hmmmm...I do, however, like Wisky so perhaps that will make up for it!!

Tam - did you manage to forget you have a husband??

C x

DJ Kirkby said...

Hi Carol
I sent you an email today. xo

Melissa B. said...

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Debra in France said...

Hi Carol, can I have a letter please? I love handbags too, before we left the UK I had a big sort out and gave a loads to my nieces.

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