Friday, 28 November 2008


Things are very tense here at the moment!! The PAD are refusing to leave Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang airports and the PPP (Ruling Government) are refusing to stand down. Last night tanks were spotted on Bangkok streets and ten buses full of troops were seen leaving Prachin Buri which added fuel to the rumours about the possibility of another coup. So far today, we have heard that Mr Somchai (The Thai PM) has authorised the use of force by the police to disperse the PAD who have responded by stating that there will be chaos in central Bangkok (They are threatening to block traffic at 50 intersections which would bring the entire city to a standstill) if the police move against them and that they are prepared to 'fight to the death'. In my opinion The tragedy here is that it's the Thai people's blood on the streets whilst the two leading factions battle it out using words, the media and anything else at their disposal. I guess the big question is are the two sides man enough to call a truce and sit round the negotiating table (which I feel is going to have to happen at some point anyway) before any more innocent lives are lost?

We are fine so please don't worry. We are at least a 30 minute drive from both airports so are no-where near the main trouble spots. Last night we were told to stock up on money, food and water as a precautionary measure which we did (Note to self: Don't let Chris do the stocking up ever again....he came back with what he loveingly called 'panic bought' donuts and ice-cream....honestly!!).


Debs said...

Such dreadful news at the moment.

So relieved to hear that you are both okay though. LOL at Chris' supply buying, sounds just like the sort of things R would consider essential.

Pat Posner said...

Glad to hear you're OK, C&C
I hope it's all over very soon.

Lane said...

Thanks for the update Carol and relieved to hear you're ok.

Love Chris's supplies. He's not related to Homer Simpson by any chance:-)

French Fancy said...

Glad you said not to worry because otherwise I would have. How awful for the ordinary Thai person to have all this on their doorstep.I suppose the villages you recently explored do not know anything about this current turbulent situation.

(although, having said that, I once spent a day with some travelling Bedouin in the desert - they had their own generator and a television and a Coke-dispensing machine. I am not making this up. My point being even people 'we' might consider fairly primitive have their way of staying current with the news)

Troy said...

I was worried until I saw the picture of the doughnuts, now I'm just envious and hungry.

SueG said...

We have been watching the situation as closely as we can via newspapers etc. It is so worrying. I'm glad to hear you guys are away from danger and safe, though, and especially, perhaps most importantly, you have very colourful donuts! Stay safe, please....

JJ Beattie said...

Eat some of those doughnuts, Carol, you'll be spinning from all those E numbers! I went over to Robinsons at lunchtime and brought the kids back a Macdonalds. I was such a popular Mummy!

Carol said...

Debs - I couldn't believe it when he came in clutching them proudly!! (To be fair to him we do have eggs, milk, bread pasta etc)

Pat - You and us both!!!

Lane - Funny you should say that....between the beer and the donuts I'm starting to get a bit concerned!!!

French Fancy - If I didn't live here but knew someone that did I would probably worry too!! I have no idea whether they would know or not....there is no mobile phone TV's so I really don't know!!

LOL at the Bedouin in the desert!!

E.A.T - Donuts make the world go round :-)

JJ - I currently have a cup of tea and a donut in front of me....sod the e numbers :-D.

Macdonalds for lunch...I'm not surprised you were popular!!

C x

peter_may said...

Keeping a watching eye. Stay safe!

Anonymous said...

The doughnuts i sort of understand the ice cream no. How can you stock up on ice cream if the power goes out. Eat fast for tomorrow is soup.
Glad all is well and hope things resolve peacefully.


Blu said...

All I can say is take care and I hope all is well soon.

French Fancy said...

Each time I see something about PAD on the news (and I watch the headlines at least once a day)I think of you. I bet your folks must be so worried.

Thinking of you

Anonymous said...

I know you're a fair distance from the airports, and so glad you're safe. I'm still glued to any news that mentions Thailand, so is your Gran.

You and Homer take care.

Love Mum xx

Carol said...

Dad - We're not straying off the beaten path so don't worry!!

Tomato - Even if there is another coup I doubt very much if we would be without electricity (We weren't the last time!!)....Still, gives us a good excuse to eat our body weight in ice-cream if it does :-)

Blu - Thank you and we will :-)

French Fancy - Awww...thanks hon!!

Both my Mum and Dad read the blog (as you can see) so they know that we're both fine :-)

Mum - There have been new developments today (actually as I've been writing this). The court has ruled to disband three coalition parties (The PPP, Chart Thai and Matchima Thipataya) for vote buying. The three party leaders have been banned from taking part in any elections for the next five. According to reports PM Somchai has accepted the ruling....we're still waiting to find out what the PAD will do.

C x

French Fancy said...

hello Carol - just wanted to pop over and tell you that there is an award for you over at my place


Anonymous said...

Whatever the PAD do, I hope it's peaceful!!!

Thanks for the update. Take care.

Love Mum xx

The Dotterel said...

Just heard the Thai PM's resigned. Hope that's good news.

Carol said...

French Fancy - Oooohhh and lovely!!! Will be over directly :-)

PS. You've made my day!!

Mum - They are now in the process of leaving the airports and we've been told that normal service will resume by midnight on Thursday night....just in time for the King's Birthday on Friday :-)

The Dotterel - The PAD are claiming it as a victory and are leaving the airports so the country will be able to start functioning again. As for the long term....I don't know!!

C x

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