Monday, 17 November 2008

Shame on me!!

For I have been neglecting you dear blog and dear blog friends (If my blog were a plant it would look something like this picture). I will be visiting you all over the next couple of days.

So what have we been doing I hear you ask....well, we spent most of last week taking random sales people round the apartment in a bid to find a company to move our stuff and the splats....blimey, that is not an easy task!! We've had five different organisations round to assess our contents and give us a quote......some were great and other's....well, others were not so great. The quotes are starting to come in so we should have a decision on that by the middle of this week (and then I need to start going through our crap....oh the joys!!)

In other, much nicer news, we celebrated Loy Krathong on Wednesday night. For those of you interested – krathongs are small floats made from a slice of the trunk of a banana tree and decorated with folded banana leaves, flowers, incense sticks and candles. By the light of the full moon the candles and incense are lit and the krathongs are set adrift on the rivers and khlongs (canals) to honour the water Goddess and wash away the previous year’s sins – it is also believed that if you make a wish as you float your krathong then your wish will come true. (It looks absolutely spectacular – watching the little floating lights going off into the night is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.)

Moon, Chris and I made our way to the park outside Emporium Shopping Centre, bought our krathongs and then floated them on the lake there. There were so many was an incredible atmosphere!!! Moon and I lit our candles and our incense (I never did make a good girl guide....we had to borrow a lighter from the people next to much for be prepared eh!!) and then floated our krathongs. They stayed together as they went off into the middle of the lake - she turned to me and said that even though we would be in different countries our hearts would always be together because our Krathongs stayed together.....You would have been proud of me....I didn't cry!!


I'm just back from my weekend trip to Mae Hong was absolutely mind blowing so watch this space......


Caroline said...

Well done for not crying! And, oh, how I have missed you!


Blu said...

Oh how sweet.I will cry for you. Such a shame I only found your blog as you leave for old Blighty.

blub blub.

Debs said...

Gulp, how lovely. The entire evening sounds beautiful.

French Fancy said...

Oh Carol, I would have cried. I feel anxious for you having to say goodbye to all the lovely friends you have made, especially Moon. I hate saying goodbye to people - even thinking about it now makes me almost well up. Goodness, i must be well hormonal today :)

What news of the cats and their quarantine?

(waves at blu)

Pat Posner said...

Aww, Carol - a happy sad post.
I love the sound of Loy Krathong.

Sending lots of energy dust for the sorting and packing.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a lovely time. What a lovely thing to say, I would have cried, you know how soppy I can get!
Looking forward to hearing about Mae Hong Son.

Love Mum xx

DJ Kirkby said...

How is it possible that you did not cry? That sounds like a lovely evening. xo

Carol said...

Caroline - Awww thanks honey!!! I did think I deserved a medal for not crying!!

Blu - Fear not....I shall be continuing just won't be as interesting!!! (I shall be popping over to yours for a nosey)

Debs - It was absolutely stunning...Chris's photo's of it are much better than mine so I think I will do a photo post just to show the atmosphere.

French Fancy - It was a miracle I didn't cry!!! I absolutely hate goodbuys's not something I am looking forward to doing!!

*Sigh* it's not easy bringing cats from Thailand to the UK...there are so many bloody rules and regulations....they have to have had their shots (which they have) but within the last year (our's were a year and a half ago) and not 30 days prior to we'll have to get them done again in the next few days and then wait 30 days to fly them which is going to cause us logistic problems!! Aaaarrrggggg

Pat - The energy dust is much needed - the last thing I feel like doing is going through our crap!!! I've torn the ligaments in my ankle (Thailand pavements leave a lot to be desired) so am stuck in the house which I guess will force me into making a start *sigh*

Mum - Yes, you would have cried!!!

Mae Hong Song really was mind much so that I'm not quite ready to blog about it yet (Need some time to process it all).

DJ - I think the only reason I didn't was because we had a large audience!! I was surrounded by Thai's who were already bemused at Chris and I taking part in a Thai festival and were then stunned when Moon hugged me. (Otherwise I would probably have cried my eyes out!!)

It's a beautiful festival....I think you would love it!!

C x

Anonymous said...

i just don't believe you. I bet you welled though.

Lane said...

Oh that's so beautiful. Moon is so lovely. I'm going to miss her.


Carol said...

Tomato - Busted!!! Of course I welled up....I just managed not to spill over (there was much hand flapping (why do you do that when your trying not to cry?) and looking at the sky being done)

Lane - She's such a sweetheart...I'm going to miss her too!! But we will keep in touch and when Chris and I come back for a holiday we will get together with her.

C x

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